Lafken Carménère 2018

Lafken Carménère 2018 - a journey of discovery to our most popular customer wine

Carménère has caught a lot of attention among our German customers. And I'm very happy about that, because wines from the Carménère grape variety are still not as well known as the beautiful drinking experience would lead one to hope. Carmérère wines are elegant and smooth wines that have star potential.

Therefore I would like to give you a small presentation on our Lafken Carmenère 2018:

The name LAFKEN comes from Mapudungun, the indigenous language of Chile, and means terrace . The vineyards of the Besoain family's winery lie on such a terrace above the Maipo River and are surrounded by a chain of hills.

The LAFKEN edition is a selection of individual grape varieties from single wineries. The oenologist Miguel Besoain selects the sites, accompanies the maturation process in the vineyard and the hand-picking of the grapes. These are wines of the highest quality and the purest expression of the grape variety and terroir of that vintage.

The designation D.O. MAIPO stands for "denominación de orígen Maipo" and is a controlled designation of origin. The wine regions of Chile are divided into different areas that are subject to conditions and quality controls. The Maipo Valley is one of Chile's most famous wine regions, producing great red wines. The semi-arid Mediterranean climate with an average rainfall of 350 mm/year ensures stable and optimal weather conditions with high levels of sunshine during the ripening period and cool night airs coming down from the Andes. As a result, there are strong temperature fluctuations of 28°C during the day and 10-12°C at night, perfect for a wine of high quality.

The grape variety Carménère is Chile's flagship. It is a Bordeaux grape variety that was rediscovered in Chile in the 1980s after dying out in Europe during the phylloxera plague in the 19th century and has made a brilliant comeback. Because in the sun-drenched Maipo Valley, the complexity and intense color of this grape variety can fully develop. The wine convinces with a round taste with less acidity and tannins. Nevertheless, it impresses with a piquant and very fruity aroma. Cassis, cherries, black currants, chocolate, leather, paprika and tobacco give the wine an earthy and fruity charm.


The wine should be at cellar temperature because our living spaces are too warm these days. First open the wine before you start preparing the food. So it can breathe. Take a bulbous glass that tapers towards the top. The aromas stay in the glass and reach the nose.

Colour: intense, dark carmine red

Flavors: Maqui, liquorice, melted vanilla and a hint of cinnamon

Palate: soft and small tannins, silky, fresh plums, juicy


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